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Team Members


Team members are other users who you've invited to join your Prosper organization. Team members have different roles, with different permissions. In this document we will cover how to invite team members to your organization, and what roles are available.


Ownerthe owner of the organization, this team member cannot be demoted or replacedAll
Adminuser with full capabilites, they can invite new team members and remove themAll except for removing the owner
Membera user who can access all features except for inviting team members and removing themAll except for inviting and removing team members

Inviting a team member

To invite a team member, go to your dashboard's Team page and click the Invite Member button.

Invite Member

Next, enter your team member's email address and configure their role.

Member configure

Congratulations! you have invited your first Prosper team member. You can invite more team members, or you can move on and start creating your first widget.