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Prosper's referral widget is the front-end component served to our merchant's websites. Widgets can be designed and customized using Prosper's dashboard. Widgets make up the visual component of every Prosper referral, as opposed to campaigns which are the contextual component.

Creating a widget

To create a widget, go to your dashboard's Widgets page and click the Create Widget button. You will then be prompted to name your widget, name it something that will help you remember it.

Create a Widget

Widget Language

After naming it, you will then be prompted to come up with some language for your widget:

Language PropertyExplanation
Call to Actionthe main text appearing on the first step of your widget.
Completion Messagethe end text appearing on the last step of your widget.
Default Editable Messagethe template message consumers will be offered to share with their friends.

Widget Language

Widget Colors

Next, you will be prompted to decide on colors for your widget:

Color NameExplanation
Colorthe background color of your widget
SecondaryColorthe text color in your widget
HoverColorthe background color of your widget while hovered (only while collapsed)
IconColorthe color of the icons in your widget
ButtonColorthe color of buttons in your widget
ErrorColorthe color error messages would appear as in your widget
InitialLicenseColorthe color of Prosper's license on the first step of your widget
SendButtonArrowColorthe color of the arrow on the send button in your widget

Widget Colors

Widget Sizing


We recommend leaving this section untouched, until you have more experience with deploying Prosper to your website.

Next, you will be prompted to decide on sizing for your widget.

Size NameExplanation
Custom Heightthe heights of your widget (in pixels) when it is collpased, and expanded
Corner Radiusthe measurement of how round your widget's corners are in pixels. 0 would be square
Primary Font Sizethe font size in pts for all headers and titles
Secondary Font Sizethe font size in pts for non header text
Tertiary Font Sizethe font size in pts for error messages, licenses, and other miscellaneous texts

Widget Sizing

Congratulations! you have created your first widget. You can now create more widgets, take a short break (well deserved), or blast ahead and start creating your first campaign.