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Placing Your Referral Campaign


Figuring out where to place your referral campaign can have a major impact on your campaign’s success. One of the key benefits of Prosper is that you can place your referral program anywhere on your website. However, some places are better than others, and every website is different - so it’s important to consider your own website’s design and your referral marketing objectives when placing your referral program.

Placement Strategies

Below are some of the most common and effective places to add Prosper to your website, along with notes and strategy for each one:

PlacementKey BenefitsOther Considerations
Product Display Page (PDP)High visibility, increases product conversion rates, drive lot’s of referral trafficPDP placements see more engagement and referrals sent than almost any other page
Cart PageDecrease cart abandonmentPotential for a lot of discounts to be given out
Checkout Page (pre-purchase)Decrease check-out churn, drive referralsPlaced on the same page as shipping and tax info this can be used to capture customers who might otherwise churn
Collections PageDrive referrals and increase click funnel successOffering referrals from product collections increase the likelihood of someone visiting a product page in that collection
Website Landing PageHigh visibility, drives referrals early in visitor journeySuccess depends a lot on customer type and brand loyalty
Dedicated Referral PageCreates a place to drive referral traffic from other sources (email, social media etc..)Should be easy to find via the navigation bar, header, and/or footer link

Every website is different, so while this is a good starting place, you should look at your own objectives and website analytics to understand what placements will be the best for you.